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“Being able to be your true self is one of the strongest components of good mental health.”

Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy

Meet Nadia Brian

Nadia Najwa Mohamed Rashidi, born 30 May 1991 or better known as Nadia Brian is a Malaysian actress and model. She became widely known after starring in the drama Akulah Balqis (2015) and was followed by Sweetie Nanie which aired on TV3.


About Us

Nadia Brian is back with "EVA: Take Me As I Am"

Eva, Mike and Amy are 3 separate individual trapped in one body. Eva is well renowed lawyer who was diagnosed with split personalities. Mike and Amy are her alters developed from her traumatic childhood caused by her own father. Elly, Eva’s sister has always been there for her since day one. Miqal, Eva’s son too has been well accustom to Eva’s alters. Driven by vengeance that her father had caused her, Eva and her alters started to plan to set revenge on the rapist that Eva had set free. Miqal become to get suspicious when he saw weird happening in the house through his “CCTV”.

Nadia Brian and Nadia Aqilah were paired together in the film "Eva" by Suhaiza Aziz, fulfilling Brian's dream of collaborating with Aqilah. Despite the film not yet being shown in cinemas, Brian was announced as Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong World Film Festival in October 2022.

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